This is what Staff Right workers would see during  our Snow Removal Days!!!

Last update at 9:14 a.m. Jan 30th 2014


To work on any of the Super Bowl weekend work crews, your name must be submitted by Staff Right Solutions to the Stadium 18 hours prior to each of the 3 days. YOU MAY ONLY BE SELECTED for snow removal work during this weekend at MetLife Stadium IF you are already one of the 300 pre-screened Staff Right candidates already approved by the FBI during the fall of 2013. Please do not call our office for consideration, or attempt to go to the stadium on your own, if you are not part of this pre-screened group; you will not be allowed in the stadium.


VERY IMPORTANT!!! On Friday and Saturday, Academy Bus line buses and shuttles will continue to pick up at the regular locations in Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken, Montclair State University, Passaic, and Paterson. Please see transportation page for more details. If you are commuting directly to the stadium on Friday or Saturday, proceed to LOT L to park your vehicle or to be dropped off.  Please Note – You will only be allowed to enter LOT L on Friday January 31st and Saturday February 1st.  On game day Super Bowl Sunday you will not be allowed to enter Stadium campus (including any parking areas). 

-You must bring your Canete/Staff Right photo ID Badge and a government or school photo ID (State Driver’s License or ID Card, school ID, etc.)

-When you arrive to the stadium proceed to the “Media Security Tent” to check in. 

-Cell phones must be turned off when you are working inside the Stadium. 

-Remember to dress warm! (Multiple layers, gloves, hat, scarf, etc.) 

-Small Back Packs are allowed in the stadium on Friday or Saturday but do not bring any food or liquids, you will be provided with meals and snacks at the stadium.


The Super Bowl Sunday Crew will be notified on Saturday evening at 6 p.m. You will know if you have been selected for the Super Bowl Sunday crew if you are contacted between 6 PM and 7 PM. You may also call our main office number at (973)357-1700 between 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. to verify if you have been selected.  Workers will be selected to Super Bowl Sunday crew based on attendance and performance.  If you have not received a confirmation, you will not be able to work – no exceptions.   

All workers who are selected to Super Bowl Sunday work crew must report to the Staff Right Solutions’ Corporate office in Paterson by 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning.  On Sunday shuttle vans to Staff Right’s Paterson Office will be available from Newark and Jersey City at 9:15AM.  From Staff Right’s Paterson Office Staff Right will provide our work group transportation to one of three Stadium Shuttle pick up locations. 

From your departure from Paterson you should expect the journey to your assigned Stadium tent to take three hours.  But the good news is you are on the clock and being paid $14/hours one the Staff Right Van departs from Paterson.    

When you arrive at the Stadium Shuttle locations you will be allowed to continue if you are with the Canete/Staff Right group – even if you are on the list – so please don’t leave the group. You will be confirmed one by one as you proceed AS A GROUP to the Credential Check in Area to receive your game day credentials. Once everyone in the group has been issued their credentials you will board a separate shuttle as a group and proceed to the stadium campus.  At the Stadium, go through your third security check point and proceed to your tent area.   No one will be allowed to enter the Stadium Campus unless you have completed this screening cycle to receive your credentials and arrive with the Canete/Staff Right group.You must stay together as a group with your team coordinator anyone who deviates from the group will be detained.

Please note that the Game Day check in process will take about three hours – (paid time at $14 per hour) On Sunday your workday begins when you depart from our Paterson Office.  

Please check back later for regular updates…

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